Blueberries…grow your own!



There’s nothing quite like a home-made blueberry pancake, especially accompanied by  that golden glow of superiority and self-satisfaction of knowing that you grew the blueberries yourself! Our Friends in the Sperrins (a mountain range in Co Derry, for non-locals) grow and harvest, almost exclusively for their own use, the product of about 50 blueberry bushes on their farm. We only have two bushes ourselves at home in Belfast, but we get a reasonable crop every year; certainly enough to be able to freeze some for our traditional Christmas morning breakfast pancakes. My biggest problem is keeping the blackbirds off  – those clever birds can work their way under the most complicated of deterrents. Sometimes I just think that they’ve deserved whatever they can forage because they’re smarter than me!


Saved from the blackbirds!!

Our pals’ criteria for rustling up some blueberry pancakes is: a) we’re coming to visit, or b) there’s a scattering of snow on said Sperrins – sounds reasonable to me…


Whatever your reason, these are fluffy pancakes with black pools of molten blueberry, that demand maple syrup and possibly a bit of crispy bacon to completely set them off.

pancake stack 3


See my recipe for fluffy pancakes on this site :)



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