Changeable weather.. Summer 2019


What a big change from that glorious summer last year! I suppose when we get a proper Summer  – hose-pipe

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November and December pictures..

October 10th 2018 (11)

Much as I love the sunny days of Summer, I always think that in Ireland we get the best light

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30 years in Belfast..

Belfast City Centre 20.1.2018 (5)

I’d just put the dinner into the oven when the doorbell rang, and there was my old pal Liz

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Titanic Adventures..

In 2012, on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, a Museum based on the history of

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Snowy Northern Ireland..

If you love snow, as I do, you’ll be grateful for the two heavy snowfalls we’ve had this winter –

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Winter pictures 2017/18

Rowallane Dec 2017 (9)

Mr Saturday Night observed recently that he and I are like the sundial at Mount Stewart – it has an inscription which reads: Here

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Pictures of Autumn…

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June 2017 – sunshine, soaring temperatures, and rain :)

Irises at Rowallane Gardens
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The Argory, a National Trust property near Moy, Co Armagh.

The Blackwater River from the Argory)
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A Saturday stroll at Rowallane..


Saturday’s a great day to visit National Trust properties – it’s like Sunday, but not as busy! You tend to

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