Blackberry pie, and other stories..

Blackberry and apple pie (4)

In the past couple of days it’s occurred to me that perhaps blackberries are a bit like sweet pea – that is, the more you pick, the more there are..

Blackberries (7)

I picked every visible blackberry in my jungle of a garden last week (see my blogpost, and they’re all dozing happily in the freezer, awaiting their moment of glory when I combine them with some cooking apples and a buttery crumble topping for our traditional  ‘non-Christmassy’ dinner on Christmas Eve. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I was confronted by easily as many ripe blackberries again, in my carefully cultivated (ahem) blackberry bushes, front and back.

To ignore them would have been well, rude, so I gathered them up (again) and this time they were used for immediate gratification.. drumroll please… Apple and Blackberry Pie! The fact that the first of the Armagh cooking apples were in St George’s Market at the weekend (£2 for a huge bag!) was probably just a coincidence, but perhaps in cookery there are no coincidences! The happy marriage of apples and blackberries – dressed today in a buttery short-crust pastry – is a magical but short-lived late summer treat.

Blackberry and apple pie (6)

Ready for the oven, with my distinctly amateurish efforts at decoration!

Blackberry and apple pie (1)

40 minutes later! bring on the custard, or cream..









If you can manage it at all, I’d encourage you and the family to get out into the fresh air and pick some blackberries while they’re at their best. If you can get your hands on some local cooking apples, all the better.  The pie literally throws itself together – a layer of pastry at the bottom, chucks of peeled apples, topped with your carefully washed and dried Blackberries, some more apple, and a generous helping of sugar, topped with the rest of the pastry.  Don’t forget about  the glory of a good crumble – the recipe in the link is for apple and raspberry, but the crumble quantities are suitable for everything.

Blackberry and apple pie (5)

Even if you don’t fancy/can’t be bothered making your own pastry, ready-made will do very nicely; although my own pastry is relatively stress-free and, I have to say, very nice indeed!

Blackberry and apple pie (3)

Now the only question is – is two slices too many? Answers on a postcard please 😉


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