Crunchy Chocolate Easter nests (for kids of all ages)

When we were kids we always made these in the run-up to Easter;  I made them with our daughter too, so here’s a messy, chocolaty project for the Easter hols!
I’ve actually just made these at home now and tasted one – I’d forgotten how delicious and crunchy they were! And don’t forget that being made of Shredded Wheat means they’re positively good for you too!!
Go on – give them a go!
  • Two medium-sized bowls
  • A bun-tray, if you have it, to help shape the nests
  • Paper cases
  • a wooden spoon, for stirring
  • Suitable Easter decorations – wee fluffy chicks (fake ones, please 😉 ), mini chocolate eggs, sprinkles.. you name it!
  • 4 full-size Shredded Wheat, crumbled into a bowl
  • 200g chocolate, in a bowl, melted (either over a pan of water, or in the microwave in 1 minute bursts, stirring between each minute)
  • Mini eggs etc, to decorate

Melted Chocolate

Easter shredded wheat

Shredded Wheat, all scrunched up!

  • Break up the chocolate and melt gently, either in 30-second bursts in the microwave, or in a bowl, over a pan of simmering water.
  • Crumble the Shredded Wheat into a bowl
  • Add the melted Chocolate to the  crumbled Shredded Wheat and stir well with a wooden spoon, to ensure that it’s all well coated.
Perfect Easter treats for kids to make..

Perfect Easter treats for kids to make..

  • When everything’s well mixed together, put a dessert-spoonful or so into a bun case. Then, using the bottom end of a wooden spoon, make a hollow to hold the eggs.. Let the kids take their time – it’s all good fun, and a great memory for them, as it is for me :) And yes, I’m pretty sure we used our fingers, and not the end of a wooden spoon, to mould the nests!
  • Continue until you’ve used up all the mixture (you should get about 12 decent-sized ones)
  • Pop in the chocolate eggs now so that they’ll stick to the soft chocolate, and won’t roll out. If you’re using foil-covered eggs, just wait until the nests have set.


  • Pop them into the fridge to firm up, then add the fluffy chicks .
  • I find that the amounts I’ve mentioned above work well (there’s nothing worse than skimpy chocolate at Easter!)
  • I like them best when they’re cold, so I tend to keep them in the fridge.
  • While they’re chilling, you can get the kids and the kitchen table tidied up a bit – licking the spoons and bowl is an essential component of this recipe!
  • And of course, I use some of these cute little nests to decorate my other Easter cakes!

Easter 2018 2

Happy Easter!
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