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Random thoughts and useful tips..

It’s a #staycation kind of year!

October 10th 2018 (15)

  As I was packing up my weekly shop the other day, the check-out lady in Dunnes and I were

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A Hot afternoon…

March 20th Beautiful Belfast (4)

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.. ‘It was a hot afternoon the last day of June, and the sun

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Birthday treats..

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Mr Saturday Night has had a fair few birthdays.. (shameless theft of one of 

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Lockdown Baking – When you need a little treat!

                  The very last thing I want to do at the moment

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Lockdown Cookery made easy – Part 1

I was thinking about cooking the other day as I queued for my weekly shop.Let’s be honest, I think about

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The Unforeseen Consequences of Lockdown..

April 2020: We’ve all had a few weeks now to get used to our new way of living. Weather: Good;

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The New Words of 2020..

Just out of your broom cupboard? Welcome, and here’s what you need to know to pretend that you’ve been awake

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The strangest days of our lives..

28th May 2018 Mount Stewart (6)

              You can’t tell by looking at these pictures – both taken this month

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It’s time to be generous..

                As most of you know, I’m no Spring chicken – and that

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The great Blueberry scandal…and this perfect Blueberry Sauce..

Blueberry sauce (1)

Regular readers – Hi there, you two!! – may be aware that we’ve got a couple of Blueberry bushes in

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