The strangest days of our lives..

March 1st Newcastle (2)

Newcastle, Co Down, March 2020

March 19th Mount Stewart (3)

The view from Mount Stewart, Newtownards, Co Down. March 2020








You can’t tell by looking at these pictures – both taken this month – that we’re living in the strangest days we’ve ever known ..


Things that I’ve noticed:

  • I’m embarrassed to hand over cash, and a bit scared of getting change back.
  • I’m using my contactless card for virtually everything, and was shocked to find that I couldn’t use it for sums under £1!!
  • I have to work hard to remember NOT to hug a friend or relation when we meet.

None of that huggy-stuff…

  • We’ve all learned to gauge what 6 feet looks like – as a former Radiographer, I already had that skill (Chest x-rays are usually performed at a distance of 6 feet, or 180cms) – but the rest of the world has copped on really quickly.
22nd 23rd October Skerries (67)

Yep, he’s at least 6 feet away!

  • We’re nodding, exchanging a civil word, and smiling at people we meet in the park – while at the same time, observing the 6 foot/Social distance rule.
  • Apart from dogs – dogs don’t care about the 6 foot rule, even if their owners are mortified..
Dogs in coffee shops

Dogs – no concept of distance.. :)

  • We don’t expect to find toilet paper, tinned anything, frozen peas or paracetamol in the supermarket anymore, and are not really bothered when we’re proved right.
  • I find that I actually can spend time in the house without losing my reason.
  • I’m training myself to have several hours a day without electronic devices by my side – and loving it!
  • Events are cancelled at short notice, and we all go ‘Oh Well..
March 7th Armagh (3)

This was Armagh Cathedral doing sound-checks for the St Patrick’s Day service. I’m pretty sure it was cancelled..

  • I feel guilty that I’m not at work to lend a hand anymore, but perversely grateful that I’m not at work to lend a hand anymore..

My retirement cake!

  • Our cats are loving the company in the house. And are becoming even more spoiled..
P1030759 (2)

Ted, at his best – asleep!


I have nothing to say about this picture..











  • You get dumped for a lunch date, and you’re more relieved than annoyed.
  • I feel the closure of all our usual haunts very much, and worry about the shop-keepers and small business owners who have become our friends.
March 14th (2)

At St George’s market, Belfast.

  • I had a on-line shopping spree, thankfully didn’t go overboard, but now have it out of my system. It was all stuff that I needed – honest!
  • I’m thankful that my hospital training taught me how to wash my hands properly.
  • I did a deep-clean of my kitchen, simply because I had the time to do it.

Perfectly clean and tidy – for about 20 minutes..

  • The garden is calling, if the weather improves.
  • Standing in a queue for the Pharmacy, 6 feet away from the next person in the queue, is the new normal.
  • Parking is easier, except at the local supermarket, where it looks permanently like Christmas Eve.
  • Tearing up on Paddy’s Day – no, it wasn’t the drink – when Leo said ‘never will so much be asked by so many of so few’ .. Yes I know he was paraphrasing Churchill, but I used to be one of those few..
  • Tearing up – again – at the virtual St Patrick’s day parades on the internet..
  • Easter is only round the corner! Time for Hot-cross buns and fairy cakes! Stuff that you can do with kids, and then eat the results!


Buns (1)









  • The weather is improving. Ok, it’s just not as dark in the evenings..
  • We can make cakes for our friends and family in isolation –
  • We shall get through this.
  • We will be able to hug our friends again. In the meantime, send virtual hugs..
  • We might be better people at the end of it.
  • Every call, text or conversation ends with ‘Stay well..’

Stay well…xx


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