About Eating For Ireland

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Eating for Ireland is a food and lifestyle page which grew from an old notebook filled with the hand-written recipes (mostly) thought up and used on a daily basis by me.
New and seasonal recipes will be posted regularly.
It's not all about food though, as we get out and about to beautiful places all over Ireland which I'll share with you, and of course the on-going quest for the perfect scone - I'll let you know when I find it...

Summertime Drinks..

I was surprised to discover this fine and sunny morning that I’d never written a post for you on my


This easy, straightforward recipe came together quickly and with  no drama for our Saturday evening dinner this week. I do

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Belfast City Centre 20.1.2018 (5)

30 years in Belfast..

I’d just put the dinner into the oven when the doorbell rang, and there was my old pal Liz


Changeable weather.. Summer 2019

What a big change from that glorious summer last year! I suppose when we get a proper Summer  – hose-pipe


St George’s Market, Belfast

St George’s – a Victorian covered market, which runs every weekend; providing the people of Belfast, their visitors and tourists


My Everyday Scones

Small, fluffy, best the day they’re made…forgive me for blowing my own trumpet, but these are the business.. I’ve got

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